Thank you for your support and help with Pickleball - Nikkei Games. 
The event was a success an extreme amount of fun was had by all. 
Laughter, team spirit and friendly competition abound. 
There were over 70 players ( 40 in the clinic and 30 in the tournament). It was a gathering of 
all generations, the youngest was 5 and 77 was the most senior. 
Over 15 families including parents, aunts & uncles and grandparents participated.
Medals were  awarded for the youth skills contest and the experienced players tournament 
for 3 divisions.  Gold medals and jars of pickles were awarded to those that placed first place. 
Tournament and Skills Contest Results are below.
Tournament - 3 Groups
Group A
1. Colby Morita
2. Kyle Morita
3. Fran Ozeki
Group B
1. Beau Kojima
2. Jerry Koyama
3. Howard Enron
Group C
1. Julie Filkof
2. Lisa Jameson
3. Katy Yonemura
Youth Skills Contests ( 2 Groups)
10 years and younger 
1. Drew Hatakeyama (5 yrs. old)
2. Ally Hatakeyama (10 yrs. old)
3. Lynn Morishita (10 yrs. old)
11 to 16 yrs old.
1.  Allyson Morishita 
2. Samantha Kinoshita & Caydence Bach
3. Kayla Cheng 
Thanks again for your help and guidance. 
Roger Kinoshita